Build Your Own MA (BYOMA) Media Short Courses

Designed and delivered by CEMP and the Faculty of Media & Communicationl these innovative short courses are designed to meet the needs of creative and media professionals and creative educators for relevant, industry focused and flexible professional development opportunities.

The short courses are delivered by experienced academics and practitioners, and ensure their relevance by focusing content on current industry trends, developments and issues.

At the core of each short course is a two-day ‘creative retreat’ (usually Friday/Saturday in Bournemouth) where you will benefit from networking with other professionals, as well as developing your knowledge and skills in the specific area of study. To further complement the knowledge gained from the creative retreat, an additional seven weeks of online supported tuition is available, resulting in completion of a workbased assignment;

An added bonus ... Build your own MA

These BYOMA short courses attract postgraduate academic credits. Successful completion of one short course will culminate in the award of 20 Masters level (M) credits which you can use to build you own tailored Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma or a full Masters degree. Complete just three of these courses and receive a recognised postgraduate qualification.

There are over 70 media short courses for you to choose from, so you can pick the right course, or combination of courses to suit you.

Want to know more?

We have developed a dedicated short courses website, that will answer any questions you may have about these exciting new courses, as well as give you all the facts of who to contact and how to apply.

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