Christian Wilke

Christian is currently working as Head of Computing and ICT in a Secondary School, developing digital media strategies and culture. After his career as a military officer and educator, he became Digital Media Designer, achieved a BSc (Hons), Class I, in Creative Media and Technologies at Macromedia GmbH/the University of Bradford, completed GTP and NQT training for Secondary Schools (CDT), worked through a GTP top-up PGCE course at the University of Northampton (ICT & CDT) and undertook a MA in Education as a teacher-researcher with focus on young children’s risk-taking and play outdoors.

With his thesis, titled ‘READMOLE’ (Risk-conscious Ethnographic Approach in Digital Mobile Outdoor Learning Education), Christian explores his key research interests, which are students’ non-participation in their own learning, the development of curricula that link formal and informal learning and so contribute to wider social issues around community cohesion and the development of enquiry-based approaches to learning that supports and develops independent learning skills and dispositions.

At the heart of his project is the question of what pedagogic value is added by employing a digital ethnographic pedagogy as opposed to more traditional modes of teaching.

Christian’s project will explore the potential pedagogic value of ethnographic digital mobile learning with the notion of risk-taking.


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