Researchers in Residence

Alexa Munn

Phil Wilkinson

CEMP Researcher in Residence Scheme

CEMP Researchers in Residence are educational practitioners working on part-time doctoral level research within organisations who will benefit from the outcomes of the research, which is co-designed with the student by the University and the employer / funding organisation. The scheme offers clear benefits to the employer.

How it works:

There are three elements to the Researcher in Residence scheme that make this distinct from a standard employer-funding model.

  • The organisation / employer funds a part time doctoral research student on CEMP’s 4-year taught Educational Doctorate course (Creative and Media). The course is delivered largely online, with two residentials in each year for the first 3 years. Students enrolled as Researchers in Residence will design their research project with input from the host organization, to ensure the outcomes are at doctoral level and benefit the organization.
  • In return, CEMP researchers visit the host organization (where the student is conducting the research) once a year to work with the researcher in residence and other staff to support practitioner research, CPD, or for knowledge exchange purposes that will benefit the organization. These visits and activities will be bespoke to the needs of the organization.
  • At Bournemouth University’s annual Festival of Learning, the Researcher in Residence and CEMP tutors collaborate on a workshop for the public, to enhance the project with public engagement and promote the organisation’s commitment to the research.

How to apply:

  1. Contact Julian McDougall – to express interest in funding a Researcher in Residence.
  2. A visit to the employer (where possible) will be arranged to design an outline for the research and the recruitment process. In some cases, this will be an existing employee, in others the role may be advertised.
  3. The student will apply to the programme but with ‘fast track’ approval for the research proposal, subject to the standard entry requirements being met.