CEMP researchers publish books, articles, chapters and reports in the fields of media, education, culture, technology and literacies. Here’s a selection of our publications since 2016.
For full publication lists for CEMP staff:


Cramp, A and McDougall, J (2018) Doing Theory on Education: Using Popular Culture to Explore Key Debates. London; Routledge.

Bennett, J; McDougall, J and Potter, J. (forthcoming, 2019) The Uses of Media Literacy. New York: Routledge.

McDougall, J (forthcoming, 2019) Fake News vs Media Studies: Travels in a False Binary. London: Palgrave.

McDougall, J and Pollard, C (forthcoming, 2019) Media Studies: The Basics, 2nd edition. London: Routledge.

Bennett, P and McDougall, J (eds) (forthcoming, from 2019) Book Series: Routledge Research in Media Literacy and Education

Mark Readman Teaching and Learning On Screen: Mediated Pedagogies
(with chapters from Richard Berger and Julian McDougall)

John Potter and Julian McDougall Digital Media, Education and Culture: Theorising Third Space Literacies.

Deborah Gabriel Sense of Belonging: Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Higher Education.

Anna Feigenbaum Protest Camps in International Context: Spaces, Infrastructures and Media of Resistance

Deborah Gabriel Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia.

Julian McDougall The Routledge International Handbook of Media Literacy Education.
(with chapters from Mark Readman and Steve Connolly, Jo Royle and Thinus Mathee).

Julian McDougall Popular Culture and the Austerity Myth: Hard Times Today
(with chapter from Anna Feigenbaum)

Julian McDougall Doing Text: Media after the Subject


Russell, C. & Eccles, S. (2018) From Newsroom to Classroom: Exploring the transition from journalism practitioner to journalism educator. Journalism Education, 7(1) 7-18.

Han, X; McDougall, J; Mott, C and Sudbury, S. (2018) ‘Hunger by the Sea: Partnerships in the Brave Third Space’. International Journal of Students as Partners, in press.

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Fowler-Watt, K (2017) ‘Women War Correspondents: From the Frontline with Empathy’. BSA Auto/Biography Yearbook 2017.

Fowler-Watt, K (2017) ‘The Storytellers Tell Their Stories: using stories of lived experience in journalism education’. Media Education Research Journal, 7 (2) ​

Julian McDougall, Mark Readman and Phil Wilkinson The Uses of (Digital) Literacy

Fiona Cownie Gratitude and its drivers within higher education

Sue Eccles and Marian Mayer ‘Developing socio-emotional intelligence in first year higher education students through one-to-one learning development tutorials’.

Debbie Holley ‘Commuting, transitions and belonging: the experiences of students living at home in their first year at University’.

Julian McDougall The Idea of the University.

Debbie Holley The Kaleidoscope of Voices: An Action Research Approach to Informing Institutional e-Learning Policy

Debbie Holley Write away from it all! The value of running a writing retreat for doctoral students’.

Sue Eccles Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: A means of exploring aspiration and resilience amongst Widening Participation students

Deborah Gabriel Blogging while Black, British and female: a critical study on discursive activism.

Fiona Cownie An investigation into viewers’ trust in and response towards disclosed paid-for endorsements by YouTube lifestyle Vloggers

Sue Eccles Troubling ideas for widening participation: how higher education institutions in England engage with research in their access agreements.

Richard Berger A remaking pedagogy: adaptation and archetypes in the child’s multimodal reading and writing

Anna Feigenbuam Visualising data stories together: Reflections on data journalism education from the Bournemouth University Datalabs Project

Julian McDougall If Jez We Could? Media Literacy for Good Agency

Simon Frost Othering Ourselves: re-reading Kipling and his 'Strange ride of Marrowbie Jukes

Fiona Cownie Gratitude: does it have a place within media-practice education?

Sue Eccles Developing Socio-Emotional Intelligence in First Year Students.

Anna Feigenbuam Protest Camps and Repertoires of Contention

Simon Frost Bespoke Bookselling for the 21st Century: John Smith’s and Current UK Higher Education

Isabella Rega Public Access Venues and Community Empowerment in Mozambique: A Social Representation Study

Julian McDougall and Richard Berger Media Literacy, Education & (Civic) Capability: A Transferable Methodology.

Fiona Cownie An analysis of word-of-mouth communication amongst students. Do UK students intend to behave differently from their overseas counterparts?

Isabella Rega The Missing Piece in the ICT4D Research Agenda.

Richard Berger Everything Goes Back to the Beginning: television adaptation & remaking Nordic noir.

Richard Berger and Julian McDougall Building a Global Community for Media Education Research

Julian McDougall and John Potter Curating Media Learning


Mark Readman ‘E-Learning in Higher Education – A Case of Doctoral Dialogue in a Virtual Space’

Anna Feigenbaum Protest Camps

Richard Berger Deserted Parks and Empty Swings: absent children and hybridity in Scandi-horror

Julian McDougall How does Boy 17 Read a Game?

Richard Berger Empowering the Learner, Liberating the Teacher? Collaborative Lectures Using New Technologies.


Debbie Holley JISC Case Study: Bournemouth University: a new vision for learning’.

Julian McDougall ‘Digital Literacy and Education in the UK’ COST Action IS1401- Strengthening Europeans’ Capabilities by Establishing the European Literacy Network.

Julian McDougall Media Education Association: Field Scan

Julian McDougall, Mark Readman and Phil Wilkinson, CEMP / Samsung: From Digital Literacy to Capability

Julian McDougall, EU Audiovisual Observatory: Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU - 28.