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How can my experiences help?

One of the most useful tools to help build and sustain partnerships is listening to people.

Here is a space where you can share your voice and help create an ongoing archive of what’s happening.

We want this space to be a place you feel comfortable to ask challenging questions and share experiences and learning. This can enable dialogue and build a much need repository of thinking and practice in this area.

Part of learning is learning from what hasn’t worked so well as much as what has. Listening and learning from our mistakes can be one of the best ways to ensure we don’t keep repeating them.

So that you can share your experiences honestly and in a way that feels safe for you, please follow this link to get a password for our Padlet site. Click here for more information about Padlet at BU. You can post things anonymously. We ask that all who wish to share their ideas and experiences.



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