Box of Broadcasts

Bob National is an off-air recording and media archive service which is available to BUFVC members holding an ERA+ license. This low cost tv scheduling service allows your University staff and students to record programmes scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days of recorded channels.

Having scheduled the recording of a programme, following its broadcast the the programme will be received by the requestor as a Flash Video file which can then be viewed in a web page in the same way as iPlayer.

Bob National stores recorded TV and Radio programmes in an archive and they are held indefinitely for all users to access. The archive already consists of thousands of TV and radio programmes covering all genres and that number is set to rise as more universities join Bob National.

Bob National offers all the great features traditionally associated with the BoB enterprise system; users can record programmes, watch programmes from the archive, create clips, search for programmes coming up in the next seven days by title or keyword, compile their favourite shows into playlists and share their playlists with others.

Accessing the system is easy; users sign up for an account using their university email address and they instantly receive a password which grants them access to the service allowing them to begin scheduling recordings and accessing thousands of programmes and playlists.

This is a bespoke system created by Cambridge Imaging Systems. This project is being led by Jon Wardle on behalf of CEMP.

Further Information: Click to visit Box of Broadcasts