Parashoot is an online tool which gives you real confidence in your production risk assessments. Produced by people who understand the production process it guides staff through the identification of risks and the necessary actions required, and so doesn't need training workshops and seminars. It is secure and rigorous.

Parashoot's flexibility means it can benefit a wide range of media companies, production companies, broadcasters and further and higher education institutions. The benefits of using Parashoot include:

  • Significantly reduces the amount of prior knowledge needed to complete a risk assessment
  • Dramatically improves the quality of the risk assessments
  • No need for lengthy training
  • Gives a dynamic knowledge base which can be quickly updated as regulations change
  • Has the flexibility to devolve decision making locally or maintain it centrally
  • Tailored to the needs of your company - preferred suppliers, preferred working practices
  • Training is built in - production teams learn more about assessing risk the more they use it
  • A safe, private, secure way of managing your production risk assessments

Further Information: Click to visit Parashoot Site